The Big Ben Time Server was created by Steve Bullman, a UK based engineer. This bespoke software and connected GPS USB receiver is keeping major Energy & Oil & Gas installations on time, and can keep your home computer or office computer systems on time. IT Depts, engineers, project managers are just some of the many clients that initially tried out the BIGBENGPSTime software on the 30 day trial, and then went onto purchase, for only 40 . Paypal and major cards accepted. Our software is tried and tested and can set Windows Time in any Timezone, Anywhere in the World. See the GPS Time Solutions webpage. Its also got a realistic HD working replica of the actual clock face, and chimes on the hour.It has a daytime and night time view, a quite mode 9pm to 9am, and a New Year countdown. Spend some time browsing the site. We can supply both the software and GPS USB receiver on our Ebay Store webpage. Industry Tested, reliable, and low cost.Big Ben GPS Time Software is hard at work every single day, and has been downloaded over the internet to most countries in the World. The publisher is Big Ben Software Products, formed in 2003.

Big Ben Time Server

BIGBENGPSTime with Big Ben Quiet Mode 9pm to 9am, and auto GPS receiver port detection. Six months of rigorous bench testing was undertaken, before the BIGBENGPSTIME was released for general sale.

Humbly Grove Energy was the first installation in 2015. A total of 2 Servers and 7 Clients are synchronised using the most famous clock in the World. Big Ben with full chimes and toll bells.

We have enquires from all over the World, and a total of 23345 people have downloaded the 30 day trial.

The 30 day trial period gives unrestricted use of this fabulous software. Download and try it for yourself.

News Archive

06.05.2003. Big Ben Classic and Big Ben Pro v3 on sale. Published in PC Format Magazine

06.06.2015. Big Ben Atomic Clock V1.3 on sale.

27.09.2015. Big Ben Atomic Clock V1.4 on sale.

11.11.2015. BIGBENGPSTime on sale.

09.05.2017. Big Ben Time Server V1.0 on sale.